learn to weave

learn to weave

From: £30.00

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Come learn to weave!

£15 per hour for kids and £20 for adults. No Brainer!

What will I learn?

The class starts with a brief introductory to the loom and its anatomy. We will chat about the fibres and yarns available in the studio and different ways to use them in your weaving.

You will quickly zone out and relax into the repetitive and gentle motions and going back and forth, creating shapes and  textures for your piece of handmade cloth.

One, two, three

The floor looms in the studio are designed and made in Japan, and are truly beautiful. You will enjoy using them very much!

The difficult process of setting up the loom will have been done for you with 100% cotton warp in a selection of colours. So you can enjoy weaving almost immediately.

During this workshop you will use both your hands and your feet in a rhythmic pattern, so you will feel a whole body connection. You will be peaceful, reflective, inspired and you will leave the studio relaxed, content and nourished.

Look at me!

Nearing the end of the workshop, your piece of cloth will be cut from the loom and you will tie up the tails at the beginning and end of your cloth, creating a row of tassels.

You will now have created a beautiful piece of handmade fabric that you can hang proudly or use it to make something awesome!

Top tips form hot lips

We have lots of hot tips to share with you!

Techniques and tricks to keep your edges neat, how to manage the tails of your yarn, how to incorporate waste yarn, changing colours, cutting shapes and experimenting with a variety of fibres and texture.

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The floor looms are available Tuesday through Sunday. Click the button below and select a day and start time that works for you.

Awesome cheaper prices for the kids too!

From: £30.00

My kids just love this place... if you want a relaxing, creative and cool place to hang out on a cold a Saturday afternoon doing a spot of weaving then this is it. Brooke is amazing, warm, considerate and with brilliant advice for sewing and other crafty activities. I sort of want to keep it secret so I can enjoy it whenever I want! Xx

Katherine Leat

Floor loom weaving FAQ's

How many hours should I book?

Your call baby! If I had  dollar for every person that said, “I wish I booked for longer!”  I would have a lot of coins for the pokies.

My kid will love this!

Amen! Children between 6 and 12 yrs old get a sweet discount. Kids can weave solo, beside you in the same class or bring the whole whanau!

I'm having trouble booking?

Oh dear! We have 3 floor looms at the moment, so somebody may have booked the time you want. Click around until you find something that works.

What exactly do I make?

Uniquely handmade cloth! What you do with it is up to you. Hang it happily on the wall to remind you of the lovely time we shared together.


How big will my piece be?

Who knows! Energy flows where intention goes. If you want to whack out a scarf in three hours, I wish you luck and I am sure you can do that.


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learn to weave