Xmas Stockings

Xmas Stockings

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Sparkle Child is dropping in for this special sparkly event!

One day only!!

Here’s a cool thing to keep your little ones and their fingers busy this festive season!

Handmade Christmas stockings for the win!

We start each session on the floor loom, weaving the cuff of the stocking.

Then depending on skill level, we will guide your child on sewing up their stocking on our machine themselves, or we can step in and whip it up for them!

Then we will head to the decorations table where there will be glitter scraps and yarn and sparkles and tassel making and pom pom making and all the bells and whistles to customise your very own, very special stocking.



All the materials are included in the cost of this workshop:100% cotton stocking made in house, a mixed fibre cuff you weave yourself, upcycled glitter scraps to cut and paste, yarn for tassels and a whole lotta festive fun!

Bring the whole whanau, meet other little creatives and have a little treat from us too!

Suitable for all children 9+ for this class, however we also have a workshop for the little children! Book online HERE!


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Xmas Stockings