Secondhand September

Secondhand September

Posted: 4 September, 2019

As the papers are filled with disease and struggle, and the animals are crying and the children go hungry and filthy humans are diddling children and fossil fuels are still being extruded from our mother earth, it is difficult to focus on the wonders of the world. That shit is hard to process with your eyeballs and earholes. Yet everyday we pick ourselves up and try again, try again.

However, I am the queen of distractions, and this month I will tend to my little garden of #secondhandseptember. This campaign is run by Oxfam, and if you have the energy and your wallet could do with a breather, get yourself on board and pledge to buy nothing new all month.

I failed already, buying my daughter new socks for her first day at Clapton Girls this morning, double fail because I ordered them last minute on evil amazon too. But I am a mother and I forget things. I am sorry.

Small changes on a personal level feels like pissing into the wind. But I kid you not, every little change for the better adds up. Whether it is not drinking milk in your coffee, only eating meat once a week or cycling your kids to school instead of driving. You know it feels good right! And that feel good feeling is the magical power we need to share. Actions speak louder than words yo!

On Thursday 19th September 7:30pm, Make Town are stoked to be hosting a terrific event in collaboration with Oxfam, Ethics Matter and The Nu Wardrobe, where we will discuss sustainability within the fashion industry and how we can make a massive difference. This will be followed by a mending workshop, with all sorts of nick knacks and fabrics donated by local designers. So bring your daggy clothes in and make them sparkle again.

All profits are going to Oxfam, so grab a ticket here.

Ya know, one of my fav humans Duncan Trussel says the car tends to go in the direction you are looking. So simple, too simple. So, let’s all look at how good it is contribute, to do your piece, save bales of clothing going to landfill and say no to new clothes for 30 days.

Peace Out x Arohanui


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