textile glue

textile glue

This is the glue that will stick to everything!
It smells pretty potent, so you know it's the good stuff.

Posted: 31 July, 2022

Not very often I get the glue out, but when I do I has it to be this one! It’s a small tube, but it’s sets like super glue, so you know you can only use so much before it dries up and becomes bloody useless.

Its the only textile glue that is flexible which means you wont feel rigid if you use it to stick a sew on patch to your denim jacket. Which makes this an ultimate ‘no sew’ repair and fix alternative. Far better than a hot glue gun!

And… you can use the glue to stick plastic to fabric to porcelain to PVC to leather to felt to wool to polyester!

Here are the Highlights…

  • no electricity needed
  • dries clear and flexible
  • cardboard packaging
  • a little goes a long way
  • adheres almost everything!
  • can go through the wash up to 40 degrees
  • smells strong so you get a little high

The Downside is it’s not a forever fix, it is just an adhesive after all. But for a more professional, flexible and clean fix in a hurry or for those lazy jobs then this is the glue you need.

G├╝termann is one of my fave crafty brands – it is always quality and never disappoints.

Buy one for your tool box today!

The glue that sticks everything

Gutermann HT2 Textile Glue


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