The first cut is the deepest

The first cut is the deepest

So it better be quick and clean!

Posted: 28 August, 2019

Love is amazing, you know you are onto a good thing when you wake up happy, you have a happy day and then you fall asleep happy too! Smiles for miles.

I have those same loving feelings with sewing projects.

I love picking fabrics, laundering them, hanging them up to dry and then folding them neatly and putting them away. The fabric waits patiently, until called to the top of the sewing pile in a moment of inspiration.

The fabric is fondled. The pattern is chosen. The notions have been collected. The fabric gets laid out, the paper pattern is perfectly placed on top. The scissors come out and chop their way around the pattern pieces systematically.

The machine hums, waiting to sew it’s first stitches. Piece by piece. Methodically. Step by step the garment takes shape. In due time it is completed and you get to wear it proudly! Then take a million pictures and share it with the instagram sewing community.

Boom! #sewyourownclothes

But, sometimes my love for sewing grows weak. Sewing love has ebbs and flows, just like life. You have to just lay back and enjoy the ride until your sewmojo returns. And boy does it come back stronger than ever!

Mine has returned to me recently, and I am super excited to see how it runs.

If you don’t already have a love for textiles, let me introduce you some time! We have sewing workshops for absolute beginners running all the time. Newbies are my favourite to teach, you are the most rewarding and adventurous with proud as punch smiles that are second to none.

You seasoned sewing pros are also welcome! Crafting can be a lonely activity, so get yourself out of the solo sewing club and into Make Town ASAP. Because Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. You want to be where you can see the troubles are all the same.

You want to be where everybody knows your name! Gimme time, I will get there!


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