The most versatile outfit in the world

The most versatile outfit in the world

The Jenny Overalls by Closet Case

Posted: 17 December, 2019

Closet Case Patterns

One of the big power houses in independent patterns for home sewers is Closet Case from Canada.

These dudes have a range of  well thought through and terrifically designed patterns that are more exciting for the home sewer than the commercial nonsense.

I have made a few of their patterns but today i’m gonna share with you the Jenny Overalls I just finished.

A bit late to this pattern!

To be honest I have made my fair share of overalls and I didn’t think these were anything special or different but the sewing community loved them so naturally, I wanted in.

I used a plain blue denim with 6% spandex. I cut the size 0 cause I like to have things snug.

I like to sew any pattern the first time following the manufacturers instructions, however I swerved a few technical drifts along the way, although i’m not entirely convinced either of our results are better than the other in this case.




Overall the overalls..

… are fine.

With easy to follow instructions and detailed illustrations you can adapt this pattern in variety of ways, making it a very versatile pattern.

The little yellow feet clips I had stashed and are perfect for the time being.

Front bib pocket is useless in this size, as you can see. There are side pockets and back pockets also so never fear.

The back pockets are basic, having them curved at the bottom makes for a challenge to get even but doable, CC have neat tips for this and maybe I pressed them too hard so the seam can be seen through the fabric, butt whatever. (lols)






Turn around

Having the zip with that much extra fabric from the pocket in the side seam seamed silly to me. (more lols)

But there is nowhere else to put the darn zip! Too much bulk on the hip for me, so not the neatest finish.

They suggest a standard jean zip but I love a concealed zip much better, so went with that, which made the waistband finishing a bit twisted too.

Back darts are fine, there is actually a wee gape in the lower back I would fix if I made these again, especially as the trouser version.


Also, the front pant pockets are constructed in a way to create a neat finish the inside  but with an overlocker, i’d rather chop that excess off. They gape slightly, which I can’t confirm is the pattern, my construction or my meat sack…

Would I make these again? Nope, I’m glad I had a hoon, but Sew House Seven & Burnside Bibs are still my fav x

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