There she goes

There she goes

and here she sews...

Posted: 2 October, 2019

Sewing is my absolute favourite!!

To my core, sewing is the best thing my hands can do, and I want to share that joy with you!!

I mean, I love zoning out weaving and I adore knitting and netflix but sewing is the one craft that my creative juices flow strongest and highest.

There are a hundred ways to learn to sew, there are internet tutorials for Africa, there are very well written books and articles and of course there are higher education courses too, but for me, teaching you how to sew, to your face, is not just about you wearing what you have made and being damn proud of that, but about giving you confidence and guidance in this enormous sewing world, which at first can be daunting as hell!

I always say, and you may have heard it before… ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.’ And god damn please don’t eat an elephant, but learning to sew is just like eating this giant wondrous sewing world one bite at a time. And I am here to show you which bite to have next, easy as pie. Eat up.

Starting at the very beginning with how to prepare your fabric, how to lay it down and how to place the pattern, how to read pattern markings, grain lines and notches. How to hold a pair of scissors and how to cut neat lines. How to pin pieces together, how to manipulate fabric in your hands. How to use an iron effectively how to use your fingers as eyes. And all of that comes before you even get to the sewing machine!

If you get the foundations down first, then everything on top of that will be easier. It’s like a house in that way. Trust me, I come from Quakecity and they keep mending the houses on broken foundations. Idiots.

Anyhoo, come talk with me about where you are at in your sewing adventure, whether you are just starting out or are trying to tackle faux fur, sequins or invisible zips. This is my jam, and soon it will be your jam too.

Sewing is more than just wearing cool handmade clothes, it’s about inspiration and motivation and a shoulder to cry when things get tough. It’s Whanau x

Peace Out x Arohanui x




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