travel sewing kit

travel sewing kit

I carry this with me everywhere! its bloody handy and you feel like a hero when you get to use it!

Posted: 10 July, 2022

The usual ‘handy travel kits’ are my number one hates. It’s like making landfill for money.

When I worked at Fab Vis we sold the mankiest, cheapest, ugliest and fucking useless ‘sewing kits’ and I would try so hard to sell individual items that actually worked instead.

The kits are just useless – the thread is weak and fluffy, the needles are blunt and snap, the scissors are the worst example of a ‘doesn’t say what it says in the tin’ product in the world. It has one purpose and it cant even do that! I will not apologize for getting fired up about shit scissors.

So, we made our own. It has quality products we use in the studio ourselves, thread that is strong and usable, needles that could sew through army boots and scissors that could perform emergency surgery if needed. Be a hero!

Here are the Highlights…

  • solid metal tin with encouraging words
  • full sized thread & needles
  • measuring tape & sharp scissors
  • spare buttons & safety pins
  • quick unpick/seam ripper
  • support small business

We buy in bulk, so less plastic packaging and we make it look good for you – win + win

The Downside it costs more than one would like to spend on a sewing kit.

Apart from telling someone you made your sweet jacket yourself, fixing a broken dress strap or replacing a busted button in a pinch is quality superhero feels.

Also a good gift for students – They will get the hint x


a small but mighty gift worth giving

Travel sewing kit


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