What a year!

What a year!

Make Town is celebrating it's 1st year in business.
Let's check out what we got up to!

Posted: 1 August, 2020

Kia ora!

I know it’s been sometime since we talked but the last few months have just whizzed by for us, while we all to grips to what the actual fuck is going down in the world.

It can be easier to get swept up in the negativity of world events, the chaos the destruction the pain and Jeff Bezos making squillions of pingas. But my mate Duncan Trussell suggests that the car tends to go in the direction you are looking. Which I actually find quite helpful.

So lets drive this mofo down the road and check out the highlights of our first year in business!

Then I need you to save the date of the 22nd of August, because it’s Party Time!!


We launched Make Town

I mean, we started the prep and design and making just 6 weeks before the doors opened, and with a little help from our friends we kinda pulled it off!

It was a small soft opening and it smelled of paint and the stock hadn’t arrived but it was good enough.

And sometimes good enough is just perfect.

We had some customers!

It took a bit of time for people to know we existed but we turned up everyday and then suddenly you all did too!

Make Town has somehow attracted all the right people. People who are now regulars, regulars who turn to friends, and friends that are now whanau.

It makes my heart fucking burst when you come back through the doors time and time again.

We are so lucky to be sharing this journey with you dudes!!

We work with the best people too!

We have had the pleasure of working with some clever cookies. And still do!

Hana, our signwriting and window designs, we had Lewis making our tapestry combs and a little design work, we had NOS produce our content for our kits and booklets for our classes. We became members of the EETG and started out journey with The Hackney Circle.

We found our rugualr Shamanic healer and love the local kids knocking on the window and waving as they walk home from school.

We hosted a Pop up with local sustainable and ethical designers with talks and workshops with Graeme Raeburn and Sarah from Ethics Matter.

We have lovely people hiring the studio for all sorts of things, but we especially love it when we host supper clubs!


We saved the world! Twice!

We ran an epic campaign with our local sewing community sewing Joey pouches and batwraps for the Australian wildlife caught in the devastating wildfires in January.

Followed not long after that with a massive collaboration with Scrubhub bringing in an army of volunteer sewers across the UK producing Scrubs for our NHS key workers on the frontline as Covid shat on us.

To be honest, it didn’t feel like helping at the time, but looking back it feels pretty magical to be a part of that movement.

Onwards and upwards

Now that Covid is considered manageable, we are back in business! Cleaner and clearer than ever.

We are committed to bringing you the best second year in business we can muster. We have plans filling up notebooks, and ideas spilling out of our eyes.¬† If only we had the money to pull it all off. Anybody know Jeff Bezos’ number…

Thanks for sticking with us. Honest.

We love you man, we wouldn’t have gotten through his year without ya x x


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