Whats the plan Stan?

Whats the plan Stan?

Posted: 9 July, 2019

Get the keys on Friday, open in 4 weeks yeah? No worries she said.

There are four specific areas in this new studio. One is the loom lounge which is the easy bit. Loads of yarn and 3 floor looms. No electricity needed and no purpose built furniture except the yarn wall which Herb is all over. We are on the look out for the most perfect couch to sit underneath the wall so we can relax in style and also its gonna be fab for the instagram!

The next area, the bit we are most excited about is the kitchen and bar. Say what? In the back of the studio we are going to install a wee kitchen with a large sink, running water and a jug for cups of tea and a fridge to keep the oatmilk cool. We are going to build a bar with high stools so we can all sit around together at the end of the day and drink beers and connect, and will be perfect for hosting private parties and launch events in the coming months.

The other area, our dream come true, is the sewing studio. Fully equipped purpose built sewing stations. Designed for people to work on individual projects with enough space to spread out in and all the equipment needed at your fingertips.

And lastly the retail area. With a cash register and docket books, that eventually will be stocked to the rafters with all the haberdashery items under the sun.

Looks like quite a bit of work, but how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

So that is what we are going to do. Focus on one area and then follow on with the next.  One step, then another, and then another all the way to the launch party. You coming?

Peace Out x Aroha nui

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