When the going gets tough…

When the going gets tough…

...we all get together and flipping do something about it!

Posted: 14 January, 2020

Sustainability and resourcefulness runs strong to my core. Growing up in Aotearoa, New Zealand from a broken family, the oldest of seven kids surviving on cash jobs and government benefits we had our fair share of struggles.

Sustainability and resourcefulness was not something we chose to apply to our lives, it was the only way, we had no choice.

From the hand me down clothes, to tending our vegetable garden, to having 1 run bath to clean the entire family, baking our own bread, camping in the backyard for our summer holidays and making gifts for each other, it was just how we lived.

It is wonderful that the desire of going back to basics is gaining momentum and it is our time to shine as crafters and to lead by example. This isn’t new to us.

With the technology and resources available at this time we can go global with our campaign using kindness, encouragement, inclusivity and love. It is a necessity for Papatūānuku (mother Earth) that we slow down and apply our skills to a solution.

We hold the secret to this way of life because we appreciate how it feels. It feels incredible, creating with our hands. To make something for ourselves, for someone we love, or for someone  in need. 


It’s easy to be overwhelmed at times, but sitting down to a basket of knitting or hand stitching is a sure fire path to grounding our intentions and reclaim our anxiety in any given situation.

We know how crafting benefits our souls and how it brings us closer together despite language and cultural barriers through moments of doubt, fear and uncertainty.

We have been doing this for always and we are not going away, we are ready for this social change.

Recently the news of our Australian wildfires have pricked the ears of our crafting community across the globe and some terrific groups are collaborating and contributing in the best way we know how.

We have magic fingers and are using them furiously to help our neighbours across the ditch. Caring is sharing x

Last Friday and Saturday we hosted two days of social sewing for the Australian wildlife displaced and injured from this disaster.


It was a buzzing hive of grass roots action! Together managed to make a whole bunch of batwraps and joey pouches which members of our network are personally delivering as and when the visit Aussie in the next few weeks, so sleep easy knowing we are also considering the travel factor too!

Resourcefulness and sustainability in this instance helps to enable people who want to give their time and energy to something bigger and needed a place to do so. Back home we say “she’ll be right mate”, a flyaway comment that encourages us to not sweat the small stuff, to snap out of it, pull ya socks up get on with it. And that is just what we did!

Homai te paki paki!! A big round of applause to all the cool cats that helped out!

Peace out x Arohanui x

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