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What's the story?

Launching MT in August 2019, was the  stupidest time to start an in person and face to face business.

Remember when the world imploded and we were stranded indoors and lots of people died. Well, some of us behaved, other people had parties and cheese and he’s a fucking useless cunt.

Whatever. We took the bank loan, after being unsuccessful in getting the free handouts, and got into debt to keep the rent and bills paid. and decided to wait the Corona Boner out.

We tried our best to host individual classes and manage things changing constantly, but discovered that offering you the ability to learn when it suits you is working much better!

So… We have relaunched MT as a Makerspace!!

You can become a MT member cause its great!

Meet the team

Brooke, I’m writing all this toss all over the web – I own the joint and lead the gang at Make Town. I have over 20 years of practice working with textiles and teaching craft.

Qualified in fashion design and garment construction, with eagle eyed focus on helping you make things with precision and pride.

I value practicality, ethical and patient process while also supporting your mental well being though craft practice, community and discovery.

A super sewer, proficient knitter and competent weaver with the lightning ability to interpret and understand instructions, pick up skills quickly and pass on the knowledge.

If I can’t get you smiling and enjoying working with your hands, there is actually no hope for you.

Believe it or not…

We are a small but mighty team – We have been doing this for a while now so we have just about ironed all of the studio shit out – This will make your experience more streamlined, reliable and fun!

Whether you are an absolute newbie or a seasoned craft pro, MT has something for everyone, all you have to do is turn up!

We got ya!

Communication FAQ's

When do you respond to emails?

Office Hours –We are not a standard office, we do not have the computer at our fingertips all day like most. We will try our best to respond Tuesday – Friday from 12pm – 6pm.

I have tried calling - No answer?

We got the phone disconnected. The constant ringing and one sided conversations annoyed me and upset the balance and vibes of the studio. Email is best every time!

Can I contact you on Instagram?

You can! But if you want to discuss anything about workshops, bookings and your account, please email [email protected] – That way, we have the booking system at our fingertips and can actually help you.

Can you call me back?

No sorry – Unfortunately a small minority has ruined this for you. We have strong work/life boundaries and we will not call you. We conduct business face to face or via email only.

Who will be hosting my class?

Brooke or Ali (they/them)! Both are equally cool and clever and you will be in good hands! You will defo get slightly different ways to do things – but thats only a bonus! There is a hundred ways to skin a cat! Never do that though. Fuck you if you do.

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2a Chatham Place
Corner of Morning Lane + Chatham Place
London, E9 6LL


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