Organising a party can be a hell of a job.

We can remove the stress and make it magical instead.

Let's celebrate!

Make Town would love to make your next event, next level special!

We are more than just an inviting, safe, clean and colourful place to host your next party, we are fully equipped to make your event bloody awesome!

We can take care of everything, including setting up, packing down and the dreaded clean up! You just bring the cake and snacks. x

The studio will be arranged to suit your needs with a dedicated area just for you and your guests. You call the shots dude, it’s your party after all!

Kids Parties - Just add Cake

We love having kids in the studio!

Our kids parties are 2 hours long and include a craft activity and 30 minutes to eat cake and run around – sugar does that to kids you see!

We will take care of everything! Making your next kids party somewhat relaxing!

Choose from a variety of crafts tailored to the age bracket and wishes of the birthday kid.

Bookings start from £250 for up to 8 children – get in touch to discuss further!

Get togethers - No craft!

You don’t even have to craft for this one!

Its getting a bit tricksy to find a nice place to hang out huh? With Covid restricting us left right and centre come here instead.

Enjoy the entire studio for you and your mates – better than the park cause the drinks are cold, the seats are comfy and the toilet isn’t a tree.

Book a minimum of 2 hours of premium quality time with your favourite people, chuck on some phat beats and chillax while we serve you drinks and snacks.

Perfect for those events that require a little more space for kids and adults to mingle together without bothering with clean up!

Bookings start from £300 for up to 20 guests including a glass of bubbles on arrival get in touch to discuss further!

Hens Parties

Alright ladies settle down!

Enjoy the entire studio for the pre party event of the biggest day of your life!

2 hours of premium quality time with your favourite people and with a craft of your choice!

We take requests for nibbles and drinks and add it all up for all inclusive easy to host bash!

Bookings start from £45 per guest including a glass of bubbles on arrival! – get in touch to discuss further!



Baby Showers

This may well be the last time you are together like this – make it count!

Enjoy the entire studio for a get together to celebrate the new life.

2 hours of premium quality time with your favourite people and if you choose, a craft tiny craft project of your choice!

Bookings start from £25  – get in touch to discuss further!

Corporate events

Make Town would be bloody stoked to pack up shop and head to you!

Let us create a special afternoon treat for you and your colleagues focusing on re-setting and relaxing your mind through repetitive and meditative craft.

Watch your adult employees turn to wondrous creatives as they rediscover their inner child and let it all hang out!

Bookings start from £500 get in touch to discuss further!

Enquire about a party

Give us a bell with your wish list and let's get this party started.

Party Party FAQs

Can I come early and set up balloons?

We will even give you a hand! Depending on the bookings either side of your party, we will try hard to accommodate any extra details you want to add.

Do I have to share the studio?

Maybe baby! Sometimes we will be able to close the studio just for you, and occasionally we will need to have the shop open for the public. But rest assured you will not be disturbed while you party!

Can I bring cake?

For Sure! As long as you share. We will also have napkins and knives for the big cut and share.

How many party guests can come?

No child left behind! We can accommodate 15 people in the studio comfortably so invite all of your favourite people.


Can I add an extra person?

Yeah of course mate! Get in touch with us and we will sort that all out for you.

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