Put a Pocket on it – with special guest Selina Latour

From: £45.00

How many times have you bought a piece of clothing only to find there is nowhere to put your gum, trinkets and lovely hands?

No more tears! Because Selina will show you a few different ways to add pockets to all of your sad pocketless garments!

Whether you’re interested in sewing kangaroo pockets onto sweaters, attaching patch pockets to jeans or tote bags, or incorporating side-seam pockets into dresses, trousers, or skirts, our aim is to dedicate an afternoon adding this practical element to our clothing.

  • MT will provide – 
  • Paper, pencils, all tools and notions.
  • Sewing machines threads etc.
  • Variety of pocket designs that are easy to follow and achieve – depending on skill level
  • A selection of fabrics to practice and incorporate into your garments
  • You will need to bring – 
  • A couple of garments that are missing these handy little bags. If you have a specific fabric that you would like to make your pocket out of please bring that too!

Suitable for beginners who are able to thread a sewing machine confidently, and sew straight/ish lines…

DID YOU KNOW  – Pockets hold historical significance for feminism, representing women’s autonomy and economic empowerment. During the women’s suffrage movement, Suffragettes highlighted the absence of pockets in women’s clothing as symbolic of their exclusion from politics. Thanks to the efforts of the Rational Dress Campaign and popular designers like Coco Chanel, women now have integrated pockets in their attire. But still a century later, some pockets in women’s clothing are much too small even if they are there!

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Can I cancel my booking?

Afraid not. Our Guest teachers are special to us and we need them to be compensated for their effort fairly. Plus the admin is a nightmare so we do not offer refunds on these workshops. All bookings are final.

You are welcome to send a friend in your place if you are no longer able to make it, just give us a heads up.

What materials will we be using?

All sorts! We have loads of materials in the studio you can use, but bring some of your scraps from home too!

What if I don't finish?

Take it home. All hand crafts take time, that is what makes it special and satisfying. You can take home all of your materials  and  so you can continue at home.

What experience do I need?

Not much. If you already have a sewing practice you will thoroughly enjoy learning a new technique which you will be able to replicate at home.

Put a Pocket on it – with special guest Selina Latour

From: £45.00

Who is Selina?

Selina is new to London, all the way from Montreal, Canada. Welcome!

Graduating from Concordia University with a MFA in Fibres and Material Practices, Selina is an interdisciplinary artist whose work in textiles and performance emerges from themes of care, slowness, nostalgia, reciprocity and repair. 

In her most recent work with Mea Bissett, they developed participatory artworks on the topic of mending. During public workshops, they utilised the craft of darning, Catalogne weaving and other types of repair, as a method to expand connections with each other (a principle of craftivism, defined by Betty Greer).

As they host spaces for material engagement and co-creation, they alternatively guide discussions that touch on themes of care, sustainability and collective learning.

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