Recycled Coiled bowls – with special guest Georgia!

From: £40.00

We had such a good time – We are doing it again!!

Not much to it, just some rope, a needle and a few hours of focused coiling. It’s gonna be a hoot!

During this gentle two hour workshop, Georgia will take you through the techniques of coiling. You will learn about Georgia and her creations, how the rope is prepared and washed for coiling and get hands on with creating your own bowl!

This project is done entirely by hand! And we do have thimbles on hand if ya need – So if you are looking to get those fine motor sewing skills up to spec, this is a great place to start!

All materials and tools are provided for this workshop including…

  • needles scissors etc
  • assortments of colourful ropes collected (and washed) from the shoreline

Plus! If you have ropes and what not laying about the home you would like to incorporate into your work, please bring them along

Suitable for beginners and kids 13+ with paying adult

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Can I cancel my booking?

Afraid not. Our Guest teachers are special to us and we need them to be compensated for their effort fairly. Plus the admin is a nightmare so we do not offer refunds on these workshops. All bookings are final.

You are welcome to send a friend in your place if you are no longer able to make it, just give us a heads up.

What materials will we be using?

Georgia is bringing everything! She collects ropes and cords from the shoreline, cleans them ( so they don’t smell) Lots of variety of colours and thicknesses to play around with!

What if I don't finish?

Take it home. All hand crafts take time, that is what makes it special and satisfying. You will take home all of your materials  and instructions so you can continue at home.

What experience do I need?

Not much. If you already have a stitching practice you will thoroughly enjoy learning a new technique in a 3 hour session designed to have you fully focussed on play. And if not, you will be up and away laughing in no time!

Recycled Coiled bowls – with special guest Georgia!

From: £40.00

Who is Georgia?

Georgia studied Woven Design at University of Brighton and is currently producing incredible handwoven art and products using ropes and waste collected from the shoreline.
Georgia is passionate about texture, repetition and discovering techniques of dying and traditional crafts and encouraging all ages to make things with their hands and find the joy in it.

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