Rent an Inside Set – Weave whatever & whenever you like!


The ultimate weaving freedom!

If you have completed our ‘Warp to Weft’ workshop and would like to create a special project that you can return to again and again then this is the gig for you!

Rent an inside set for 1 calendar month. This will enable you to return to the same piece of weaving again and again without having to cut your work after each session!

Use our equipment and yarns to create any sized piece you want. Just for you.

We can help calculate how much warp you may need and the best yarn to use for a for a particular pattern, garment or specific woven art piece of any size and length the loom can handle, which is 11mts x 50cm wide.

First book the ‘Warping Board (for FREE) to get set up, then book into ‘Freestyle Weaving’ or ‘Late Night Weaving’ to continue working on your piece until your little heart is content and your work is completed.

MT Members only x


Realistically how much can I make?

As much as you want. You can start with a couple of metres and see how you go, then start a new warp or make enough cloth for a garment. It’s just yours for the whole month, do with it what you will.

How do I book in to use it?

Easy. As soon as you buy Inside Set it’s yours for the month. Then book in to to ‘hire the warping board’ when available to create your warp of your choosing.

Can I cancel my booking?

Absolutely. You are welcome to log into your account and cancel your booking for a full refund. You have up to 7 days before the start date to do this. After this period, all bookings are final. 

We are unable to reschedule bookings due to the capabilities of our system. Soz about it x

What do I need to book to weave?

‘Freestyle Weaving’ or ‘Late Night Weaving’. Clicking through these pages shows you the availability for weaving time and allocates you a loom. Simply rebook again and again to finish your piece. If you still have time left on your hire, start again!

Warping and Threading is FREE but must be booked in online.

What if I do not finish my weaving in time?

We have options. Simple re book the Inside Set for another month online, to continue on your piece, or we may be able to keep your piece to be completed ASAP if you just have a tiny bit left. This is dependant on available equipment and scheduling which we can discuss at the time.

Rent an Inside Set – Weave whatever & whenever you like!


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