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An easy last minute Virtual Gift Card sent to your email inbox immediately!


Gift Cards can be spent on any workshops hosted in the Make Town Studio. Woot!

If you purchase more than one Virtual Gift Card amount, these will be issued separately.

Or buy an IRL one here.


Do I have to use it all at once?

Nope. You can use the code as many times as you need until all of the money has been spent.

Can you send this to a mate?

For sure! We can email the unique code to anyone’s inbox, just let us know at the checkout.

How do I find out how much money I have left?

Give us a bell. We can check the balance easily for you, just email us [email protected] with your unique code and we can tell you how much is left, and when it will expire.


Can I use this towards a MT Membership?

Afraid not. Our system is unable to to accomodate this.  Soz about it.

Do you have physical Gift Cards?

We sure do! And we will send them in the post for FREE. Check them out here – Printed Gift Cards

Virtual Gift Card




Printed Gift Cards


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