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Looking for purpose in your life?

Try our Craft Cult nights… You don’t have to follow the rules, so feel free to gather more followers!




Dudes, this one is super easy! Just some casual classic cult fun with craft yeah?

We meet here, in our super rad space on the last Thursday of every month to meet other culty/crafty people, learn something about one another and craft side by side.

Bring your craft of the moment – Crochet, knitting, a bit of weaving, mend ya jeans or just rock up with a beer and ask some questions and we will give you some direction towards the good stuff. The sewing machines are also available on these cult evenings!! Magic.

Dedicate a slice of your valuable time to your craft practice, because one day the stage is going to be waiting for you x




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2a Chatham Place
Corner of Morning Lane + Chatham Place
London, E9 6LL


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