HIRE – Sewing Machine

From: £15.00

Flag the gym, cancel your therapist and leave the kids somewhere else. Come sew instead.

Hiring a sewing machine gives your own workspace and dedicated sewing machine. This also includes the use of all of our equipment and notions we have about the studio including overlockers and irons.

These sessions are for confident beginners, as we run other workshops alongside these sessions. Join our ‘Late Night Sewing’ sessions if you require more focused, intensive, professional and technical sewing guidance and advice.

Cutting Tables are available to hire separately – However if you have hired a sewing machine and the Cutting Tables are not being used – then you are welcome to use them!

You must have completed our ‘Learn to Sew’ short course or have other relevant sewing experience as this is very much student lead with a gentle push while we host other workshops in the studio.

£15 per hour for General Public or £5 an hour for  MT Members x

Ages 16+ or confident children booked alongside participating adult


Is this the class for me?

Could be?  You don’t need to be an expert, just comfortable using a sewing machine. Although we are master multitaskers, and your studio experience is vital to our success, we run these sessions alongside other classes and have to be available to all.

We are always happy to help if we can or book into ‘Late Night Sewing’ for more hands on instruction.

What happens if I finish early?

Great! I know it’s hard to gauge how long things take, but we are unable to offer that time slot to anybody else, allocate left over time to your account or issue a refund. Next time bring more projects to work on just in case.

Can I stay later?

If a machine is free of course! We charge by the hour whether you use all of this time or not. £15 for General Public or £5 for MT Members. It would be grand if you clean up and leave by 6pm as we hold evening sessions that we need to get set up for and would like a wee sit down before head into our evening sessions.

What equipment do you have?

Everything! We have 6 Janome domestic sewing machines. 4 Janome domestic overlockers, 2 gravity fed irons, 2 domestic irons, 4 solid ironing boards, elastics, threads, buttons, interfacing, various rivets and hardware with the tools to fix them. We have a selection of scissors (Left and Right Handed) snips, rotary blades, cutting mats, bias and stay tape and a variety of other nifty tools to ensure your sewing is efficient and enjoyable.

If you can see it (and its not my personal stash) you can use it.

Who cleans up at the end?

Team work makes the dream work. It would be fab if you return your bench to it’s original state, put away your equipment and do a quick sweep if you used a messy fabric like fur or sequins. Chur x

Where are the Cutting Tables?

Downstairs. The sewing studio is on the first floor, up one flight of stairs. Depending on how the studio is booked, if you need to use the Cutting Tables  then head on down to the ground floor for some cutting action. No stress.

Why can't I book just 1 hour?

It doesn’t work. You can hardly get anything done in 1 hour, we know, we tried. By the time you arrive, get yourself settled in, acquaint yourself with the space, plug in your machine, thread and test the machine, iron your cloth, find your instructions and whatever else you need to do before you start sewing it will be time to turn around and start packing up!

Book 2 hours as a minimum. Book 3 hours for the perfect attention span to making mistakes ratio. Or book a whole day if you want to bring your lunch or grab a pizza down the road half way through.


HIRE – Sewing Machine

From: £15.00


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