Festival Crochet Sleeves – 6 x Sessions with Tiana and Darcie

From: £240.00

Festival Season is fast approaching – be the diva of the disco with these fun crochet sleeves!

This is a 6-week series where you’ll learn to crochet your very own stylish sleeves! + some bonus stuff for extra fast crafters!

This series is suitable for absolute beginners and those with a little basic crochet experience. 

Week OneSwatching – We’ll cover crochet basics, tools, materials, and yarn. You’ll make a small swatch to gauge fit, learn the mesh stitch, and  pattern design for your project.

Week TwoThe Front – We’ll start with the front panel of your garment using the mesh stitch. Learn to add stripes or change colours and guidance on your neck opening.

Week ThreeThe Back and Neck – We’ll continue crocheting the back panel to match the front. Master shaping techniques, including the neck hole.

Week FourThe Sleeves – You’ll start on crocheting the first sleeve in the round, providing help on maintaining stitch count and pattern consistency.

Week FiveSecond Sleeve – You’ll finish the first sleeve, checking length and fit. Then, dive into the second sleeve.

Week SixFinishing – In our final session, you’ll make any adjustments needed to the garment size and shape. Learn best practice techniques for sewing in the tails and how to block your garment for polished finish!

If you’re super speedy, we’ll also teach you how to make a crochet scrunchie to match your new pair of sleeves! Or get you started on a matching skirt!
  • MT will provide Paper and pencils, hooks and yarns for designing your colour combos and swatches for your first session.
  • You will need to bring – An appropriate size crochet hook &  yarn to complete your garment. We will discuss the buying yarn in  the first session!

It’s highly likely that you will complete the garment during the 6 weekly sessions because it very addictive and fun!

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Will this class be suitable for me?

Perhaps! This class is perfect for anyone wanting to understand designing and creating a simple crochet garment.

If you haven’t crocheted for some time, pick up your hook and have a crack at home, or join one of our + Craft Cult + or Knitters Anonymous or even better sign up to the Crochet Foundations course Cathy is hosting in May!

Can I bring my own supplies?

Of course. We always have equipment on hand, but it is best if you set yourself up with a set of crochet hooks. You’ll get lots of use out of these.

You will need to purchase the yarn for your project and we will help you make the right choice!

Can I cancel my booking?

Afraid not. Our Guest teachers are special to us and we need them to be compensated for their effort fairly. Plus the admin is a nightmare so we do not offer refunds on these workshops. All bookings are final.

You are welcome to send a friend in your place if you are no longer able to make the 6 x sessions. You cannot send another person in your place mid way through x

What if I can't make a session?

Just give us a heads up – We know life gets busy and plans change.  You are always welcome as a MT Member to pop in anytime, or join one of our + Craft Cult + or Knitters Anonymous social groups.

We do not offer alternative times to catch up on missed classes.

What is the minimum age to attend?

We are happy to host well behaved people 16+ Please ensure your teenager is able to get home safely after the class or picked up on time.

Or better yet – Join them!

Festival Crochet Sleeves – 6 x Sessions with Tiana and Darcie

From: £240.00

Who are Tiana and Darcie?

Tiana and Darcie are both passionate crochet and knitwear designers based in London.

And by golly, are they fucking fun!

As designers, they believe that the art of crochet is not just about creating beautiful pieces but also about fostering a sense of creativity, relaxation, and community.

With experience hosting for Soho House, Selfridges and Somerset House, they have a wealth of experience in creating engaging and enjoyable events.

2 fab teachers for the price of one!

And I cannot stress this enough, hella fucking fun!

Feel the love

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