knitters anonymous

knitters anonymous

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Knitting can be a lonely jersey, but it doesn’t have to be x

Whether you are starting off or stuck on sleeve island our new monthly club night is going day time with ‘Knitters Anonymous’ for everyone!



What will I learn?

If you want to learn to knit, are stuck with your knitting, want advice on yarn selection or needles, have dropped stitches a tangled ball of yarn or a pattern you just can’t get your head around then this is the club for you.

We are here to support you on your personal knitting journey, to pick you up when you fall down, to make sense of the terminology, the structure the sizing and the finishing.

Check out our resources, books and tools, try before you buy and ask all the questions.

Of course you are welcome to join in just for the knitting lols and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two vicariously.

A super hands on lazy winter knitting Sunday afternoon once a month for good measure.

Knitters Anonymous FAQ's

Do I need any experience?

Nope! We can get some needles in your hands and get you cast on and knitting in no time. Learn as much as you can and then come back for more!

Do I need to bring materials?

You sure can. But you can purchase anything from the Studio to get you started. We sell quality stuff. Basic Kit will cost you £10 – £15

I have no idea what I have done!

Oh goodie! We are problem solvers and love a challenge, it might be a simple fix or something a little more complex but at least we can have a look at it together….

Can I bring my kid?

Yuss! Just book them a spot and I can get them started its a great idea to learn this skill together. 6+ is a good age x Babies always welcome x

I just want to sit and knit

Cool beans! As we said before, it can be a lonely journey, come by for the tea and biscuits and cheerful chatter instead.

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knitters anonymous