HIRE – Cutting Table

From: £15.00

Cutting fabric is a mega misery that every sewer endures. We have the solution!

We have 3 giant cutting tables. They come on magical easily adjustable legs, so whether you are a shorty like me or a Lucy long legs we can make it the right height for you! Each table measure 2mts long and 90cm wide for ultimate cutting satisfaction.

Hiring the table includes using, for free, our cutting boards and rotary blades, fabric & paper scissors, (right and left handed) plain paper for tracing or drafting. rulers, pins, pattern weights, pencils and sellotape if you just need the space to piece a pattern together.

These sessions are for confident beginners, as we run other workshops at the same time. We have a technician on site, to assist with troubles and concerns when available.

£15 per hour for General Public & FREE for MT Members x


Can I cancel my booking?

Absolutely. You are welcome to log into your account and cancel your booking for a full refund. You have up to 7 days before the start date to do this. After this period, all bookings are final. 

MT Members – We would appreciate if you can do this no later than 7 days before the start date so we don’t create a backlog or problems for other makers.

We are unable to reschedule bookings due to the capabilities of our system. Soz about it x

Can I book the Cutting Tables in the evenings?

Sometimes. Your best bet is to book into Late Night Sewing to make use of the Cutting Tables. We cannot guarantee this as we often host multiple workshops in the evening due to our new multi floor studio.

Otherwise day time and weekends is best. Check the calendar for current availability to book.

Can I use this for pattern drafting?

Sure! Our tables are glorious and large at 2mts long by 90cm wide. The perfect way to spread out all of your fabric without hurting your back! Included in the cost of this hire is the use of our rulers, pencils, pattern drafting papers, cutting mats, rotary blades, pins and scissors.

How do these tables work?

Hand crank baby. Apparently it costs extra to have the manual version of these height adjustable stand up legs, but we cannot bare to have the electronic part fail us. The table is easy to use with a handle to adjust to your perfect height. Maximum height is 120cm.

Is there wheelchair access?

Short answer no. Unfortunately we were unable to secure a ground floor studio this time around. We are bummed out about this too. The Cutting Tables are located on the ground floor, with 2 steps up to the studio.

HIRE – Cutting Table

From: £15.00


Monthly Club
27 Jun

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4 Sessions

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