+ Mend It Monday +

From: £15.00

Our Last Mend it Monday  – July 1st

Due to dwindling numbers over the past year and an oversaturated market of similar workshops we have decided to put this workshop on hold.

You are always welcome to bring all of your alterations and mending to ‘Late Night Sewing’ or ‘Hire a Machine’ Thursday, Friday and Saturdays 12pm – 6pm.



What equipment do you have?

Everything! The sewing machines will be set up, ironing board out with scraps, patches, yarn and needles at the ready. We have mending eggs, mushrooms, speedweavers, lint shavers, and lots of jean buttons and scrap fabrics to use.

If you can see it (and its not my personal stash) you can use it.

+ Mend It Monday +

From: £15.00


Monthly Club
25 Jul

+ Craft Cult +

From: £6.66
3 Sessions

Learn to Sew – October – Monday 3 x Sessions

From: £170.00
22 Sep

Learn to Sew – Sunday 22nd September – Full Day

From: £180.00
2 Sessions

Passementerie Workshop – with Elizabeth Ashdown

From: £250.00
3 Sessions

Learn to Sew – November – Tuesday 3 x Sessions

From: £170.00
3 Sessions

Learn to Sew – September – Monday 3 x Sessions

From: £170.00

Freestyle Weaving – On a Floor Loom

From: £42.00

July Mondays – Learn to Sew the Basics – 3 x Sessions

From: £170.00
15 Dec

Festive Crochet Crafting ( and treats) – with Cathy

From: £47.00
2 Sessions

Sew Jeans – with Ali

From: £200.00
4 Sessions

Crochet for Beginners – Sept – 4 x sessions with Cathy!

From: £150.00
31 Aug

Overlocking Skills + Sew a Tee with Ali

From: £110.00

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