+ Mend It Monday +

From: £15.00

Mend it Monday is your opportunity for repairs on your tears in your favourite garments, accessories and homewares.

A chill and friendly couple of hours to learn a few techniques to get your clothing back in rotation. Machines will be available to use (only if you have experience) and all of our mending tools will be at the ready as well as needles, threads, patches, lint removers and other bits and bobs.

Brings drinks & snacks and don’t forget your pile of ‘needs some attention’ clothes and homewares.

£15 for General Public & FREE for MT Members x


Can I cancel my booking?

Absolutely. You are welcome to log into your account and cancel your booking for a full refund. You have up to 7 days before the start date to do this. After this period, all bookings are final. 

We are unable to re

What equipment do you have?

Everything! The sewing machines will be set up, ironing board out with scraps, patches, yarn and needles at the ready. We have mending eggs, mushrooms, speedweavers, lint shavers, and lots of jean buttons and scrap fabrics to use.

If you can see it (and its not my personal stash) you can use it.

What is the minimum age to attend? 

We are happy to host well behaved people 16+ Please ensure your teenager is able to get home safely after the class or picked up on time.

What kind of things can I mend?

Almost everything. You will be surprised at how much you can achieve when you methodically work through a pile without distraction.

Most things are an easy fix and suitable for this class – ripped jeans, holey elbows and toes, moth eaten jerseys and kids clothes. For more intense repairs like zip replacement, a smaller class of ‘Late Night Sewing’ might be better suited, but we can defo take a look and make a start.

Can I buy drinks at your studio?

Sure can. We have a booze fridge always stocked with beers and wines and fizzy pop for a sweet price. Or BYO for a even better price. You are always welcome to help yourself to hot drinks and water in from kitchen for free.

+ Mend It Monday +

From: £15.00


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