Full day of studio time

Full day of studio time

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Covid update – 16/11/20 – Bookings open!
3 places available Tuesday, Wednesday ,Thursday and Saturday.


Ok, so you have taken up a bit of sewing during lockdown but could use a bit of guidance and perhaps need a bit of room to get your creative juices flowing… Come on in!

Bring along a new project, or something that needs to be completed, bring some mending, bring a problem, bring a notebook and bring a mate!

We have reduced our capacity to 3 people sewing at a time.  We will provide you with the sewing machines, overlockers, cutting tables, iron, scissors, paper, and everything else you could possibly want for a full day of creative sewing heaven.

With unlimited tea and coffee, beers for the end of the day and a George Forman Grill so you can make toasties, I’m pretty sure this is where you need to be this limbo furlough, world gone mad period of time.

This is very much a social sewing day and not an intensive teaching session,

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2a Chatham Place
Corner of Morning Lane + Chatham Place
London, E9 6LL


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Full day of studio time