Laughs & Crafts after school programme

Laughs & Crafts after school programme

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Book Baby! Check dates

Our weekly Laughs & Crafts after school programme for kids is back baby!!!

Drop em off after school and we will give them snacks and water and look after them for a good wee while so you can get another couple emails read.

During Term – Wednesday 3:30pm – 5:30pm



What will I learn?

Every Wednesday after school we will get together and make some epic memories.

We will explore and develop a range of textile disciplines from simple free hand stitching, knitting and weaving and  working towards being able to produce something practical like a garment on the sewing machines.

We encourage your children to make mistakes, to practice and fail, to enjoy the whole journey, not just the results and most importantly for us all to develop a deeper understanding of original practice.

The studio is equipped with everything your children might need to make their wildest creations come true.

Whats the deal?

All little humans of all genders welcomed. Preferred age bracket is 8 – 13

The price of the full term includes all snacks and materials used during the term – except with certain projects later on down the track. However we will keep costs respectable. Promise.

If your child needs a creative outlet and you need a lovely cup of coffee in peace, then this might be just the ticket.

Drop off time is flexible, but pick up time is not as we host evening workshops. Chur x

Dates avilable

Block starts:
8th Sept –  20th Oct
(8 weeks)

Block starts:
3rd Nov – 20th Dec
(7 weeks)

Block starts:
5th Jan- 9th Feb
(6 weeks)

Block starts:
23rd Feb – 29th March
(5 weeks)

Block starts:
20th April – 25th May
(6 weeks)

Please select the start date of the block on the calendar to book a spot for your child today!

Only 8 spots available

FAQ's for Laughs and Crafts

How old does my kid have to be?

Not too young, not too old – Kelloggs Just right. Loosely that translates to between 8 and 13 years old. Although 7 and a half with a keen interest in crafts will also cut the mustard.

How safe is Make Town?

As safe as houses mate! Although we also run a shop from the studio, this will be closed while we conduct the workshop and the doors locked, but the fire exit open.

What snacks will you provide?

Just the good stuff! We will have mandarins and bananas carrots and rice cakes and as long as there are no allergies we will also dig deep into peanut butter sandwiches.

What if my kid can't attend?

Just give us a heads up! If they are unable to make it, thats cool, but please let us know. We are a tight knit whanau and we care about your child’s safety. A quick email will do the trick. Thanks!

Can you be trusted with my angel child?

Yeah I guarantee it! I have never been arrested, I have not had a DBS check and I do swear quite a bit, but previous kids attending the workshops have a hell of a time and thats what matters most.

What's your Covid plans?

Erghh where do we start? At Make Town we endeavour to follow Govt guidelines as they change willy nilly and at the drop of a hat. We have enough hand sanitiser on tap to slather a whale.

You can read more about our Covid Policy here:

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Laughs & Crafts after school programme