rent a sewing machine

rent a sewing machine

From: £10.00

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Make your own clothes, with us, in the studio, every day of the week and evenings!

You must have previous experience.
We highly recommend our ‘Learn to Sew’ the basics as a starting point or a refresher.

£10 per hour or become a MT member and get 50% off this workshop.

Got Space? We do x

Our studio is fit out with

  • Janome sewing machines
  • overlockers
  • sewing pins and threads
  • cutting tables & mats
  • irons & ironing boards
  • hams & sleeve boards
  • scissors, and lefty ones too
  • paper & rulers
  • tools & hammers
  • snaps & studs
  • scrap fabrics to test and use
  • space to really spread out!

And you can use them all!! Everything you could possibly need for creative freedom is right here.

What ya got there sunny?

Our studio is open to everyone all the time now!

These sessions are student lead – but we are happy to answer questions to keep you on track.

Members get that extra special attention though innit x Sign up already

If you are working on a project and need a little guidance, support and some problem solving then come along to ‘Late Night Sewing’ for extra support.

Becky and Brooke are looking forward to having you in the studio!

You do not need to be a MT member to rent a machine, but do need previous recent experience on a sewing machine.

Rent a machine FAQ's

Do I need any previous experience?

Just a little. We recommend you attend our learn to sew – the basics or have previous sewing experience first – Its a fab referesher.

Can I stay a bit longer?

Sure! If there is availability you can stay a bit longer. £10 ph or £5 ph (for members) or part thereof – Essentially, all time is rounded up to the next whole hour.

I didn't use all my time?

Too bad bro. Stick around for a cup of tea or something. This is an automated process so we cannot add ‘time’ to your account – soz about it x

Can I bring my dog?

Nah not this time. I mean I would love to say yes, but because of all the pins on the floor I just know how this is gonna go down!

Can you show me stuff?

Absolutely! As a member we are more than happy to share everything we know with you!!  If you are just dropping in, you are just paying for the space. Any wisdom and advice you require will cost ya wink wink.

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rent a sewing machine