so sew serious late night sewing

so sew serious late night sewing

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You asked for it! And so here it is x  Late night sewing is here!

Directive, focussed and methodical fun sewing evenings here in the studio!
Think of this like a yoga class – you are more likely to attend and progress if you actually book it in!



seriously cool sewing sessions

Another super easy, cheap and cheerful night in with us in the sewing studio.

This is a an intensive learning session, focussed on exploring, examining and ultimately conquering the specific techniques you will encounter as you sew your garment or project.

You just bring your project (fabric and pattern) and I’ll bring the tekkers!

  • Wednesday evenings
  • 6:30pm – 9:30pm
  • 6 places available
  • everything at your disposal
  • bring snacks and beers
  • trained, competent and engaging teacher

What you got to loose?

Lock, stocked and full on fun

We have a studio filled with sewing machines, overlockers, irons, cutting tables and mats, scissors, rulers, paper and every tool and piece of equipment you could dream of ever needing.

Sewing can be a spenny hobby, but you don’t need to buy everything, where the hell you gonna keep it anyway, so let’s just share this stuff instead.

Dedicate a slice of your valuable time to your sewing practice with a cheery little gobby kiwi at your side giving you invaluable insight and encouragement every step of your “am I doing this right’ way x

These sessions can also be used with your TYT projects!

Do I need any previous experience?

Just a little. We recommend you attend our learn to sew – the basics workshop so you know how we like our machines to be treated. But if you have the confidence then just get here already!.

I dont understand this bit?

Let me at it! Let me explain this technique to you, in over a hundred different ways until the eureka moment. We will get there!

I always struggle with zips?

Yeah, fiddly little fuckers! We can show you how to insert zips in everything you own! Especially concealed zips, they are our fave!

I want to make patterns please?

Nope. A whole different set of skills that is so comprehensive I wont make time for. Adjustments and pattern hacking is sweet though.

Can I bring my dinner?

Yeah course. We have a bar out the back, plates, cutlery, toaster, jug/kettle butter, salt and pepper you know the basics. Eat up x

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London, E9 6LL


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so sew serious late night sewing