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The only creative textiles studio in Hackney built for everyone.

- Sewing - Weaving - Knitting - Haberdashery - Macrame - Embroidery - Leatherwork - Dying - Kids Craft Club- Printing and much much more x Tumeke x

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business as usual kinda

Haere mai and welcome to Make Town!

Our doors are fully open, our hearts are bigger than Jupiter and if you need anything textile related we got ya x

I’m Brooke, I am from Aotearoa, New Zealand, and I am sofa king excited that you are here!




What's your story?

I just love making shit with my hands. They have been keeping me outta trouble since way back.

Quick run down:

Born in NZ oldest of 7 kids, broken home of borderline poverty, failed school, studied fashion, fell in love, teenage mum, got married, birthed Edith, stay at home mum, constantly making, life changing destructive Earthquake, broken city, moved to the other side of the world, became permanent residents of the UK, failed business, cried alot and then set up Make Town, Covid hit and now we are stuck here.

Better make it work huh?

Teach me everything!

We can teach you anything, and if we can’t we will find someone that can.

With extensive training and experience in fashion, fabric, fibre, garment construction and techniques you will  learn the tricks of the trade while developing your own personal style in glorious colourful comfort.

There has never been a better time to strip back your life and start making shit with your hands! Today is the day dude x

Learn to make and create your own wardrobe in a sustainable, fitting, ethical, colourful and interesting way.

Actions will always speak louder than words – what have you got to loose?

Practical shit too

Learning to sew, knit or weave is just the first step. We demand more!

Focussed on the whole bigger picture from cotton production, to sustainable fashion to ethical production to laundering and caring, mending and waste.

If that tickles your fancy get here already!

You belong with us x

Everyone is welcome!

From semi pro’s to ultimate newbies, colorful chameleons to basic beiges, women and men and everyone inbetween and further beyond. 

You will not find a more welcoming bunch of people to learn alongside!

If you run events or workshops and want to use our space – get in touch! We love a collab and we love you too x

We have had some awesome events! Supper clubs, and fashion pop ups, guest teachers and we did that whole scrub hub thing during Covid too.

We have all the mod cons, know how and flexibility to make this easy peasy lemon squeezy.



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Partners in crime

Come and see us!


2a Chatham Place
Corner of Morning Lane + Chatham Place
London, E9 6LL


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