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Learn to weave

Weaving is simple and satisfying on our floor looms.

An ideal afternoon of creativity for intrigued beginners, dab hand crafters and the kids!

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Learn to sew

Sewing is an incredible and simple skill to have under your belt.

By starting with the basics and sewing a tote bag, you will learn the fundamentals of domestic sewing and machine etiquette.

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A haberdashery to make you squeal like a happy pig.

Zips, thread, fabric, yarn, needles, hoops, felt, patterns, books craft kits and handmade items.

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Make Town 4 kids

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The best kids programme this side of London!

Your kids are gong to love it!

Make town 4 kids

Hire our machines

If you have a project you want to get your teeth into, but your house is too small, your kids keep eating your dropped pins or you don’t own a machine then this is where you want to be!

Book a sewing machine for an hour or a day.

Freestyle sewing

Good wine, great company and a whole lot of yarn! Love Tapestry Club, such a fun way to spend a school night!

Lauren Sharpe
tapestry club member

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