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Lots of guest teachers! Lots of things to learn and fun to be had. 20% off always for my beautiful MT Members.

Make Town is a creative Makerspace for you to enjoy! Explore textiles with your hands and your heart x

Are you are MT Member? It's best way to keep motivated and supported on your making adventure!

Make Town is a Creative Textiles Makerspace

The only studio in London where you can get ongoing support when it suits you!

Make Town is peaceful and spacious! Spread across 3 floors and filled with quality equipment and notions to help you stay focussed on sewing, weaving and other handbased crafts.

We are experienced and patient  teachers, and will help you become a more proficient and confident maker.

Rent our sewing machines to use in the studio, use our luxurious and enormous height adjustable cutting out tables, book into workshops, join our social club nights and enjoy the space and freedom of our perfect set up without any distractions.

Learn in person to get immediate support and a deeper understanding of why and what you are doing instantly!

Become a MT Member for discounts, and never ending support.

It’s the best valued membership in London. Hands Down!!

We look forward to welcoming you to the MT whanuau x

Become a MT Member for ultimate kudos with terrific results

The choicest way to enjoy your process and stay motivated on your creative adventure is with regular studio visits. With us x

Our MT Studio will quickly become your home away from home, and the place you’d rather be to be honest.

A well lit, peaceful and spacious studio filled with everything you could possibly need. Patient tutors, friendly faces and always banging beats.

Better than the gym, a swim or hair trim. Feel the power of play through textiles and together we can make this grotty city a little bit brighter.

Try it, you just might like it…

Tumeke x

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