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No time like the present! Get into the studio and fill your soul with joy and colour x

Distraction is key in winter! Keep your fingers busy, heart filled and your mind satisfied


Tufting Workshop – Noor Houtakkers

From: £175.00

Backstrap Weaving – Alex Lucas

From: £85.00

Cardigan Club – 5 x Sessions

From: £150.00

weave a scarf – 10 hours

From: £150.00

floor loom weaving – freestyle

From: £27.50

What is Make Town

Make Town is the crafting sweet spot you have been waiting for!

What does everyone lack in London? Space. And time and money and greenery and peace and quiet and a whole lot more….

We can’t fix it all, but we can give you a fun creative space, with free tea and coffee and gentle music for you to do your best learning in.

If it involves textiles it can be done with us, and the wonderful guest teachers we get in especially for you!

MT is the crafting community that keeps you on track, puts a smile on your face and is here for you when you get stuck.

IRL all the time, every time!

What do I get out of it?

A textiles education – Become a member and it’s just like having a personal trainer, but for creativity. More fun, less grunting.

We are specialised teachers – we teach you, what you need to know, help you refine your practice and technique as you go, in real time at your side with patience and praise.

We help you when you get stuck, fuck up, or have no idea what to do or where to start.

We are your textiles gurus and we are so glad you have joined us x

Everyone is welcome!

Thats’s right – Everybody!

From semi pro’s to ultimate newbies, colourful chameleons to basic beiges, women and men and everyone inbetween and further beyond and kids too!

You will not find a more welcoming bunch of people to learn alongside!

If you run events or workshops and want to use our space – get in touch! We love a collab and we love you too x

We have all the mod cons, know how and flexibility to make this easy peasy lemon squeezy.

See you real soon x 


Opening hours


Evening Workshops from 6:30pm


Evening Workshops from 6:30pm


12pm - 6pm & Evening Workshops


12pm - 6pm & Evening Workshops


12pm - 6pm & Evening Workshops


10am - 6pm


10am - 6pm

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